Dahvo helps you choose, implement and maintain the most efficient mobility solution
Dahvo helps you choose, implement and maintain the most efficient mobility solution

About us

Dahvo supports its customers in selecting, implementing and maintaining their mobility environment. The dedicated team of certified consultants, trainers and mobility professionals are available day and night if necessary for you to make the most of your surroundings.  

Designing and implementing a mobility strategy that fits is often not as easy as imagined in your company. It starts with simple questions like: Which mobile devices would we allow for use by the business and management? How are these devices managed and what are the associated costs? How secure is company data on the mobile devices used by our employees? The above are just some of the questions you have probably already asked yourself.
Dahvo consultants can help you with this, and have many years of experience in the mobility industry in a wide variety of high security sectors such as financial institutions, government, law and accounting firms.

Dahvo consultants advise on, implement and maintain your environment in conjunction with your system administrators. They also train your administrators and end users to ensure the optimum performance of your mobility solution.


Dahvo helps you choose, implement and maintain the most efficient mobility solution


The market for mobile devices is constantly changing along with the appropriate MDM solutions.

Terms such as MDM, BYOD, CoIT, COPE, MAM, MIM and EMM takes you everywhere. How to select the best solution for your business and your employees in this changing market? Dahvo supports you from the early stages, discussing your needs and how best to achieve them.

Dahvo then decides together with you which mobile strategy is best and what mobile solutions you can accomplish with this strategy.

In addition to continued consultation Dahvo can also be responsible for the implementation of your solution. You can go through the entire process with one partner.
When you have chosen a Mobile Device Management solution Dahvo takes care of the implementation.

Prior to the implementation a technical introduction will occur. Following the introduction administrators will receive the appropriate documentation to help prepare for the installation.

During implementation our consultants will give your system administrator a detailed explanation on how to use the chosen MDM solution.

After the implementation you will receive tailored technical documentation for your environment.
For 3rd line support Dahvo offers several support contracts. These support contracts ensure that your system administrators always have a backup for escalating difficult problems.

Not only can problems be escalated to the support desk at Dahvo, we also answer your questions and escalate functional software bugs and feature requests to our partners. Also, the ownership of on-site management activities is available.

Support from Dahvo ranges from a simple strip card solution to a complete outsourcing of management and support.

Every organization has a budget for an appropriate support solution from Dahvo.
The technical consultants at Dahvo can be engaged for a variety of matters, including:
• Assistance with the choice of MDM / MAM / MIM solutions
• Selection of MDM / MAM / MIM based upon predefined criteria
• Health check on your existing MDM environment
• Second opinion on your current MDM environment

Consumerization of IT often forces organizations to engage more frequently with mobility. Our consultants can help you make the right choices. Perhaps BYOD offers your organization the best value solution.
From a security and manageability, you might be better off with a SYOD strategy. Allow the consultants at Dahvo lead you through the jungle of abbreviations, possibilities, impossibilities and successful strategic examples.
The choice of an MDM solution was made and is successfully deployed in your environment. What now?

It is of the greatest importance that within your organization knowledge of the new platforms is provided. To achieve this Dahvo provides various technical and end-user training.

After attending technical training your system administrators are then able to take care of the daily management of your MDM environment as well as 1st and 2nd line support requests from your end users.

Dahvo has developed tailor-made training courses for various reputable providers of ICT trainings and individual end customers.


An increasingly frequent challenge is the integration of different devices into your current environment. BYOD and SYOD require a comprehensive platform with which the various smartphones and tablets can function properly.

The choice of MDM, MAM or EMM solution depends on your requirements.

Does your company prefer an on-premise or Cloud solution? What mobile devices do you want to manage your environment? These are just some questions that determine which EMM solution meets your needs.

The consultants Dahvo can advise you in choosing the right platform, when you choose Dahvo you can be sure of a consultant who can clearly explain what is possible and perhaps more importantly, what is not possible with an EMM solution.
An application specific to your business can be highly efficient with the correct implementation, providing an excellent ROI with users adopting the application quickly.

The application can be installed by a MAM solution in your own Enterprise Appstore making it available to your employees. This simplifies the distribution of your application, the IT workload is reduced your and you have direct insight into who actually has the application installed.

Want to learn more about these options? Contact Dahvo and we will be happy to provide you with further information.
Email and calendar already available on mobile? But you want more?
Improve your business and make it more efficient?

Dahvo thinks with you and develops a customized application for your business.


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